Maze Runner 3D

  • Date: May 15, 2018
  • Categories: Games
Maze Runner 3D

Maze Runner 3D started as a learning project of creating some procedural environment (everything in the maze is created procedural) and continued as a challenge of creating a game by myself. The game has an initial 100 levels that are generated using a multitude of parameters that ensure every level can be finished and the difficulty is increased.

The most challenging part of creating the game was making it looks good. With art not being on my skill set, I used free assets, some paid ones or in some cases I created some small art using Photoshop.

The game development took almost 8 months of work in my free time. Keeping the focus for this long was possible by finding a balance between features that I loved doing and the ones that I hated.

The biggest mistake was creating an iterative flow of working, but instead going from small to big, I was going from AAA to small.

The game was published on Android for 1 year and a half and got 5000 downloads without any kind of marketing, had less than 100 crashes and average gameplay session was around 3:21.