• Date: August 15, 2020
  • Categories: Applications

VoxiKids intends to help your child develop their language through play, using speech therapy exercises created in collaboration with specialists. Ideal for children that are just learning to speak, VoxiKids contributes to developing attention, talking and listening, correcting language articulation and fluency, and supporting the child’s communication skills and general knowledge.

VoxiKids includes over 150 exercises that help teach object categories and spatial positions, as well as recognizing colors and shapes. Starting with 2021, we include an AI module that can detect and correct speech impairments in real time. Initially, our module will focus on sounds that are harder to pronounce for children, such as r, t and l.

– supports language development in a correct and timely manner
– helps develop language skills
– improves pronunciation
– ideal for vocabulary enhancement
– exercises cognitive skills (attention, memory, perception)

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